Author, Counselor, Teacher, Adventurer, Lifetime Learner and So Much More.
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I want to inspire, empower, and motivate you to aim high and conquer your mountains. I want you to

Come On In!

My name is Pangeline Edwards. I am an author, counselor, teacher, adventurer, lifetime learner and so much more.


I truly believe that if the next phase of your life is going to be purposeful then you have to stop doing the same thing over and again. That's where I come in.

Whether you attend a Kick Fear Now event, take a workshop or do one-on-one coaching with me, here is what will happen.

  • You will learn everything there is to know about unrealistic fear.

  • You will be given strategies to take action against those fears.

  • You will have the tools to face your fears and let them know that you have spotted them.

  • You will take bold action for long lasting results.


Fear will stop you from going after your true desires. Courage won't stop until you have accomplished your goals and made your dreams come true.


I invite you to Kick Fear Now and step into the life you have always dreamed of living.

Work with me!

Step Out of Your Familiarity Zone and Enter the Realm of Limitless Possibilities!

Join me at a fabulous, international location for a in-person, 1-on-1 coaching experience!  


We will meet for one luxurious half-day intensive to tap into your true purpose and desires, get you clear on and expand your goals, create action plans, facilitate financial and personal breakthroughs and keep you solid in the belief that you can absolutely do whatever you set your mind to.

Are You Ready to Claim Your Mountain Today?

Are You Ready to Step it Up? 


Are you serious about transforming your money story, your weight story, your love story and creating a whole new reality for yourself? Are you ready to leap high and go for it like you never have before?

Invest in yourself at a high-end level and get the support you need to make massive and lasting transformation in your life.


Click below to check out my top-tier, high-frequency, no-nonsense coaching opportunities. 

In the Words of Pangeline

As a globe-trotting success coach and author on personal growth, Pangeline Edwards speaks all over the world inspiring others to live lives of unbridled awesomeness. 

Pangeline is a natural born storyteller who motivates and empowers her audiences with real-life case studies and the tools and systems she’s honed in her decade-plus career of professional coaching, writing, and researching.

Did you know that unrealistic fear looks good in appearance only?

What are your fears doing to you, your mind, your environment? Is it there for the wrong reason?  Did fear move in and take up residence because the purpose of the place was not being fulfilled?


Fear is supposed to come to your aid when danger approaches. But when the thing that is supposed to be useful suddenly has no value and takes up space, you have to take a stand against it.

Kick Fear to the Curb is all about taking action. It is finding courage to face your fears and show them who is really in charge.

There's always something happening when you Kick Fear Now.

Check here to see upcoming events.

What is it that you desire? Are the dreams that flood your sleep a vision of the life you want to live, the person you want to be or the career or business you want to excel in?


What is it that you really want to accomplish and are determined to succeed in? What is it that you daydream about? What motion picture of your life is your mind showing you and wanting you to make into reality?

Every workshop is different, but their goal is always the same, allow you to dive deep and delve within yourself to reveal, heal, and transform. Whether it's in your relationships, finances, health, or spiritual well-being, there is a workshop for you.


Contact me now and let us begin. 

Get Ready for the Kick Fear Gear Collection.

Coming Soon.

I'm a writer, so I write. 

I'm a researcher. I spend hours and hours researching stuff.

I journal. Non-stop. It's therapeutic and it's helped me to get through the bad times and the good.

I love words. If you do too, then this blog's for you.

Come On In!

Smart Device - Play Kick Fear Now!


I started the Kick Fear Now Podcast because many people said they wanted to hear my words.


They wanted to listen to something motivating and relevant as they drive in their car, ride on the train or subway, or something inspirational as they unwind their mind after a long, taxing day. 

I even made it easy to access.


Ask Siri or Alexa or your other favorite smart device to play Kick Fear Now. Then sit back and enjoy.


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